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King's Magical Garden

The King’s Magical Garden is a light installation situated in the garden at the Orangery. This unusual garden doesn’t fall asleep in the winter. On the contrary, it sparkles with colours and surprises us by sophisticated form in this season.

The colourful exhibition was made with the youngest visitors in mind. In the King’s Magical Garden they will feel like in a labyrinth! When walking along the avenues created by light, you can see plants and animals such as the ones that were in the garden of Jan III more than 300 years ago – lilies, blow-balls, foxgloves, tulips and hellebores, as well as a ladybird, bees and butterflies. You can get inside some decorations and to make a photo of yourself in this setting.

Open daily, 4.00–9.00 pm (until 25 February 2018)

Prices of tickets to the King’s Magical Garden:

Monday – Friday:
   regular ticket: PLN 10, concession ticket: PLN 5, children up to 7 years of age: 0
Saturday – Sunday:
   regular ticket: PLN 20, concession ticket: 10, children up to 7 years of age: 0

For detailed information about ticket prices and sales click here.

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Magdalena Mastykarz
e-mail: mmastykarz[at]muzeum-wilanow.pl

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