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Nature walks in the Wilanów gardens


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Everyone who loves nature is invited to the Gardens of Wilanów to discover the beauty of the four seasons in royal gardens and landscape parks.

Come and find out what species of animals and plants you can observe in the king Jan III’s residence and how nature changes throughout the year. Each of the trips will reveal the secrets of another topic regarding the biodiversity and natural heritage of the royal residence in Wilanów.
Rules of participation: Participation in trips is possible after buying an education ticket: 10 PLN for each participant. Tickets are available at the museum ticket office or online. We start in front of the ticket office (yellow building at the main avenue). The number of tickets is limited.

Language: Walks are conducted in English.
Place: park, meeting point by the ticket office
Tickets: 10 PLN



A winter meetings with the animals
Sunday, January 20, 11.00–12.30
During the trip we will look for tracks and traces of animals living in the park.

Nature’s patterns
Sunday, February 17, 11.00–12.30
We invite you for a trip in search of unusual shapes, textures and patterns. During the trip we will learn how to recognize trees when there are no leaves on them.

Nature is waking from winter’s sleep
Sunday, March 17, 11.00–12.30
With the first rays of the sun in spring, nature wakes up from its wintry stupor. We invite you for a trip in search of signs of spring in Wilanów gardens.

A carpet of flowers
Sunday, April 28, 11.00–12.30
Even without human involvement, nature can create astounding floral compositions. Especially in spring when we can admire whole carpets of flowers. Come to the Gardens of Wilanów and get to know how rich and fascinating is the world under your feet!

Looking for flowers and butterflies
Sunday, May 26, 11.00–12.30
May is a time of continual change in nature. The flowers of early spring wither and are replaced by numerous other species. Colourful flowers attract insects, including butterflies. Let’s take a walk through the landscape parks of Wilanów and try to find them.

In the gardens of King Jan III
Sunday, June 23, 11.00–12.30
Nowadays in the gardens of Wilanów, you may admire some parts that resemble the one that were here in the days of King Jan III and some that look completely different. Come and learn a history of the palace gardens in Wilanów.

To the water!
Sunday, July 28, 11.00–12.30
When it’s warm outside, it’s good to go to the water. So many interesting things are happening over there! We invite you for a trip in search of dragonflies, water lilies, terns and many other species that inhabit the Wilanowskie Lake.

The Wilanów farm
Sunday, August 25, 11.00–12.30
Why would the King need a farm? Jan III was famous not only as a notable monarch and valiant warrior. He appreciated the pleasures of living in the country, away from the city. What were the components of the historic farm? Are there any remnants? Let’s find out!

Let’s go!
Sunday, September 22, 11.00–12.30
As we return from our summer travels, nature is engaging in preparations for a major autumn migration. During our September walk, we will pay particular attention to movement, not only that resulting from the migration of birds, but in a more general sense.

Among the falling leaves
Sunday, October 27, 11.00–12.30
Where do the glorious colours of autumn come from? To answer this question, we have to look deep inside the leaves. Leaves shapes are also interesting. Let’s go for a trip among the falling leaves.

A box of curiosities
Sunday, November 24, 11.00–12.30
Did you know that collecting is an ancient hobby? During the walk we will talk about collections and how to become a collector. Participants will have possibility to see various interesting exhibits and start creating own collection of natural curiosities.

A winter meeting with the birds
Sunday, December 15, 11.00–12.30
What kinds of birds visit the feeders in the park? Why do we hang out lard for birds to eat in the winter? If you want to find out more about birds and their winter habits we invite you to winter ornithological walk.


Reservation office
(+48) 225 442 850 (Monday – Friday, 9.00–16.00)

Detailed information
Julia Dobrzańska, PhD Eng.
Education Department
(+48) 22 544 28 64



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