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Patronage of King Jan III



Popular opinion presents Jan III as a warrior king who defended Latin Europe against Ottoman invaders. It is therefore worth recalling that he was also a connoisseur of art and a great lover of books. In his leisure time he would indulge in reading and hold erudite discussions with his secretaries and visitors who came to Wilanów from different parts of the world.

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Author: Marta Gołąbek

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Borders of the Commonwealth (e-learning)

What territory was home for the history of Poland? We know only too well that the Polish stage which featured famous historic figures and well-known events was subject to frequent alterations throughout the ages. Not only is the study of maps helpful in history learning, but it may also prove enjoyable! Here are two e-learning modules with multimedia maps. The first one helps to follow the changing borders of the Polish state from its beginning to the mid-20th century.

Widok na ogrody wilanowskie z okna pałacu, fot. W. Holnicki.jpg

Wilanów Residence (multimedium)

The Wilanów residence is composed of the palace, its decorations and works of art, gardens and sculptures located in the park and also numerous buildings and monuments raised in the location since 1677. A visit to Wilanów, be it virtual or real, provides an opportunity to experience the core of our tradition that is also a part of the common European culture.


Proprietors of the palace: from a king to a custodian (multimedium)

The Wilanów Palace, its beautiful gardens and buildings located in the park as well as the amassed works of art all constitute records of history. The venue commemorates Jan III, a warrior-king and at the same time a lover of books and paintings, a well-educated patron of art vividly interested in science. His memory was kept alive by Stanisław Kostka Potocki, an outstanding politician and founder of the Wilanów Museum.

57_jutrzenka, plafon w gabinecie zwierciadlanym, jan reisner.jpg

Jan Reisner – a royal scholarship holder (article, Silva Rerum)

The second scholarship holder of King Jan III Sobieski next to Jerzy Eleuter Szymonowicz–Siemiginowski was Jan Reiner (Rayzner, 1655-1713), painter, …

44_widok pałacu willanowskiego.jpg

Augustyn Wincenty Locci, the author of Wilanów Palace (article, Silva Rerum)

François Paulin Dalerac, a French courtier of Jan III Sobieski and Maria Kazimiera, who resided in Poland for more than …