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The perception of beauty. How do we look at paintings which we find attractive?


How do people view paintings which are beautiful and how do they view the ones they do not like. Is there any difference?

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Entrance free for all (movie)

a film about art collector who created the Wilanów museum.


Wilanów Collection in Google Art Project (article)

Wilanów Collection is now in Google Art Project. After all, there is a lot to boast about. In the past Wilanów …


The most precious painting of the collection (movie)

What an artistocrat, a revolutionist, a horse and a dog have in common?


Portrait of Stanisław Kostka Potocki (e-learning)

Here is a story about an equestrian portrait of Stanisław Kostka Potocki, a scholar, traveller and politician, creator of the Wilanów Museum, which for over 200 years has been open to the public.


Unexpected coincidence (movie)

a film about surprising links of pictures and people.