Tylman of Gameren (1632-1706)

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Tylman Gamerski, real name: Tylman of Gameren (1632-1706), was a Dutch architect, probably from Utrecht, ennobled by King Michał Korybut in 1672, when he received the surname Gamerski.  Trained as a military engineer, possibly in The Netherlands or Germany. Worked at least from 1666, erecting fortifications and designing forts and military buildings for Hetman Jerzy Sebastian Lubomirska. In 1672 appointed royal engineer and, subsequently,  royal secretary and court architect of Stanisław Herakliusz Lubomirski; worked also for Queen Maria Kazimiera, assorted monastic orders and magnates.

His projects served for building numerous churches: the Benedictine Sisters in Warsaw, the Bernardines in Czernik, St. Anne in Cracow, Holy Cross and Holy Trinity in Rzeszow, and palaces: Łazienki (original form), Krasiński in Warsaw, Branicki in Białystok, Nieborów for Primate Radziejowski and for the Rej family in Przecław. Redesigned and expanded palaces in Lubartów, Puławy, Łańcut, Przecław, Wysock, Janowiec, Baranów, Marywil, Marymont, and in Warsaw (the Ujazdowski, Ostrogski and Ossoliński palaces). In 1694-1701 carried out a measurement of Warsaw. One of the most outstanding architects active n Poland, whose buildings, well adapted to the expectations of his Polish patrons, have become a permanent fragment of our landscape.

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