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Books published by the museum

The online shop offers a wide range of  publications on Wilanów, Warsaw and the Sobieski family, including guidebooks, albums, exhibition catalogues and souvenirs.

The list of all books published in Polish by the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace in Wilanów is available here.

Publications in English 


  • Elżbieta Sieniawska A Queen without a Crown, ed. Konrad Morawski, Konrad Pyzel, Warsaw 2020
  • Dorota  Folga-Januszewska, Anna Kwiatkowska, Elżbieta Modzelewska, Iwona Szmelter, Agnieszka Woźniak-Wieczorek, Leonardiana in Polish collections, Warsaw 2020
  • The Power of Taste. Europe at the Royal Table, „Silva rerum” series, Warsaw 2020


  • Museum and Identities. Planning an Extended Museum, ed. Dorota Folga-Januszewska, Martina Lehmannová, Jasna Gaburová, Elke Kellner, Paweł Jaskanis, "Muzeologia” series, vol. 20, Warsaw 2019
  • Museum of King Jan III's Palace at Wilanów Guide, ed. Dorota Folga-Januszewska, Paweł Jaskanis, Warsaw 2019


  • Extended Museum in its milieu, ed. Dorota Folga-Januszewska, "Muzeologia” series, vol. 18,  Cracow 2018


  • Magdalena Górska, The Protector of Europe. On Graphical Theses Gloryfying Jan III Sobieski, Warsaw 2017
  • The Early Moder Villa. Senses and Perceptions versus Materiality, ed. Barbara Arciszewska, Warsaw 2017


  • Jacek Gutowski, Ceremonial maces in Poland from the 16th to the 18th century, Warsaw 2015


  • Stanisław Czerniecki, Compendium ferculorum or collection of dishes, ed. J. Dumanowski in cooperation with M. Spychaj, Warsaw 2014.


  • Anna Ekielska, The Far East in Wilanów, “200 years of the Wilanów Museum” series, Warsaw 2013.
  • Marta Gołąbek, Konrad Pyzel, „Primus inter pares” exhibition guide, Warsaw 2013.
  • Anna Kwiatkowska, Clocks in the Wilanów Collection, “200 years of the Wilanów Museum” series, Warsaw 2013.
  • Anna Kwiatkowska, The Toilet Set of Queen Maria Kazimiera, “200 years of the Wilanów Museum” series, Warsaw 2013.
  • Agnieszka Laudy, Microbiological Quality of Indoor Air in the Wilanów Palace Museum and its Potential Impact on the Biodeterioration of the Genoa Velvets, Warsaw 2013.
  • Joanna Paprocka-Gajek, The Collection of Silverware, “200 years of the Wilanów Museum” series, Warsaw 2013.
  • Primus inter pares. The First Among Equales, The Story of King Jan III, edited by Dominika Walawender-Musz, Warsaw 2013.
  • Barbara Szelegejd, European Glassware, “200 years of the Wilanów Museum” series, Warsaw 2013.
  • Barbara Szelegejd, Red and Black Stoneware and their Imitations in the Wilanów Collection, Warsaw 2013.


  • Barbara Szelegejd, Extraordinary Exhibits and Fascinating Curios, “200 years of Wilanow Museum” series, Warsaw 2012.
  • Barbara Szelegejd, European Ceramics. Gallery of Decorative Art, “200 years of Wilanow Museum” series, Warsaw 2012.
  • Marta Gołąbek, In Honour of King Jan III. Heroes and Souvenirs, series “200 years of the Wilanów Museum”, Warsaw 2012.


  • Wojciech Fijałkowski, Wilanów Vademecum, Warsaw 2011.
  • Mariusz Karpowicz, What the façades of Wilanów tell us, translated by Aleksandra Rodzińska-Chojnowska, Warsaw 2011.
  • Katarzyna Liwak-Rybak, Wilanów Palace Museum Guidebook, translated by Ilona Jurkiewicz, Warsaw 2011.
  • The Lubomirski Family at Wilanów. Policies and private life, edited by Anna Ekielska, Warsaw 2011.


  • Amor Polonus or the Love of the Poles, edited by Teresa Grzybkowska, Dominika Walawender-Musz, Zdzisław Żygulski, Warsaw 2010.


  • Celebration of Baroque. The Artistic Patronage of Primate Michał Stefan Radziejowski (1645−1705), edited by Jerzy Zmudziński, Warsaw 2009.
  • The Baroque Villa, Suburban and Country Residences c. 1600–1800, edited by Barbara Arciszewska, Warsaw 2009.
  • Paweł Jaroszewski, Wilanów, introduction Paweł Jaskanis, Warsaw 2009.


  • Witold Dobrowolski, Stanislaw Kostka Potocki`s Greek Vases, Warsaw 2007.


  • Krystyna Gutowska-Dudek, Dominika Walawender-Musz, Images of Virgin Mary in Wilanów Museum, Warsaw 2006.
  • Paweł Jaskanis, Andrzej Rottermund, Anna Kwiatkowska, Anna Ekielska-Mardal, Grand Tour. The Birth of a Collection of Stanislaw Kostka Potocki, Warsaw 2006.


  • Wilanów collection, edited by Jadwiga Mieleszko, translated by Kaludyna Hildenbrandt, Warsaw 2005.
  • The Wilanów Collection – pocket edition, edited by Jadwiga Mieleszko, translated by Kaludyna Hildenbrandt, Warsaw 2005.


  • The Child in the painting from the 16th to the late 19th century in the collections of Polish museums, edited by Ewa Micke-Broniarek, Monika Ochnio, Ewa Zdonkiewicz, Warsaw 2004
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