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Jan III Sobieski. Portrait of the King


A story about Jan Sobieski, his family, upbringing and education, his military expeditions and fought battles, but also his successful political career, not free from downturns. It also tells us about the king’s passions and loves, his wife and children, his scathing sense of humour, favourite pastimes and last but not least, his extensive mind, grasping diversified fields of knowledge.

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57_michał anioł palloni, zaślubiny sióstr psyche, freski w galerii południowej pałacu wilanowskiego.jpg

The art of the king. The king of art (movie)

a film about Michelangelo’s paintings in Wilanów.


Patronage of King Jan III (e-learning)

Popular opinion presents Jan III as a warrior king who defended Latin Europe against Ottoman invaders. It is therefore worth recalling that he was also a connoisseur of art and a great lover of books. In his leisure time he would indulge in reading and hold erudite discussions with his secretaries and visitors who came to Wilanów from different parts of the world.

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Family portrait of king Jan III Sobieski (article, Silva Rerum)

The State Collection of Art in Wawel (Cracow) contains an oil painting originating from the Broel collection of plated cutlery …

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Sobieski's Rembrandts (article, Silva Rerum)

In the rich collection of Jan III Sobieski, there were a dozen or so paintings by the most outstanding painters …

55_tarcza sobieskiego i miecze.jpg

Hevelius’s Tribute to Jan III Sobieski (article, Silva Rerum)

Johannes Hevelius’s last literary work entitled Prodromus astronomiae cum catalogo fixarum et Firmamentum Sobiescianum sive Uranographia... was published in Gdańsk …

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