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John III Sobieski. The true face of the king


He was a king. His legacy includes many historical monuments and he had contributed to the making of scientific discoveries. He had won one of the most important battles in European history. We are in possesion of hundreds of images of his likeness, but can we really say we know what he looked like?

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King Jan III Sobieski in Wawel (article, Silva Rerum)

King Jan III Sobieski was crowned in Wawel at the turn of January and February 1676. The coronation ceremony lasted …

57_michał anioł palloni, zaślubiny sióstr psyche, freski w galerii południowej pałacu wilanowskiego.jpg

The art of the king. The king of art (movie)

a film about Michelangelo’s paintings in Wilanów.

44_karta tytulowa dziela honoriusza d urfe.jpg

Astrea and Celadon, or the Letters of Jan Sobieski and Marysieńka (article, Silva Rerum)

In August and September, Jan Sobieski, the great standard-bearer of the Crown, was passionately devouring French romances. He eagerly read …


Jan III Sobieski of the Janina coat of arms (article, Silva Rerum)

Jan III Sobieski of the Janina coat of arms (1629-1696), grand hetman, grand marshal of the Crown, the king of …


Patronage of King Jan III (e-learning)

Popular opinion presents Jan III as a warrior king who defended Latin Europe against Ottoman invaders. It is therefore worth recalling that he was also a connoisseur of art and a great lover of books. In his leisure time he would indulge in reading and hold erudite discussions with his secretaries and visitors who came to Wilanów from different parts of the world.

57_wil.1683-martwa natura mignon cytryna.jpg

The king's garden (movie)

A film about the king-gardener and his lemon-trees in Wilanów.

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