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Online museum classes

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We would like to invite you to participate in museum's online live classes designed for schools. During the lesson, children will take a virtual tour through King’s palace and his gardens. Our experienced educators will run the classes in the form of conversations, presentations and quizzes. We want to share our passion for the history, nature and re-enactment and tell you the unknown story of Wilanów!

Come and meet us!

We adjust the level of the classes to the needs of the group.

History classes: A Visit to the King

Although King Jan III will not be our host in his palace in person, we will get to know him quite well. We will learn whom he called “invincible passion”, how many books he gathered in his royal library and what he fancied reading. We will answer the question if he really went to the Battle of Vienna  wearing sandals. We will also learn about interiors of the palace and its creators: painters, sculptors, architects and numerous residents.

Nature classes: Nature Observatory at Wilanów Gardens

The Wilanów residence is surrounded by wonderful royal garden. To the east of the palace there is a two-levelled Baroque garden, whereas to the north and south there are picturesque landscapes known as English gardens. During our online classes we will observe and distinguish plants and animals found in Wilanów. We will learn how to describe local and foreign tree species. We will find  features characteristic for Baroque, English and English-Chinese gardens and discuss the role of the sculptures and architecture in the greenery.


t: (+48) 22 5442 850 (Weekdays, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.)



Tickets prices: 400 PLN (per group)

Payment system: PayU

Class length: about 45 minutes

For more information please contact our Reservation Office.


Fasada skrzydła południowego pałacu. (fot. W. Holnicki).jpg

Discover the Palace! – educational activities for groups of all ages

See our English offer: museum classes for young, theme walks for adults and calligraphy workshops for all!

Pomnik konny Jana III Sobieskiego, fot. Z. Reszka

The legend of King Jan III

Through his exploits, King Jan III Sobieski earned himself a place in the pantheon of Polish national heroes. He became a symbol of the past glory of the Commonwealth.

Maria Kazimiera Sobieska na koniu, malarz dworski z kręgu Jana III.jpg

Marie Casimire Sobieska – not only the King’s wife

Marie Casimire Sobieska was an extraordinary figure, ambitious and remarkable. Her beauty undoubtedly helped her cause, but it was her character that elevated her to the throne.

44_ogród wilanowski jana iii.jpg

The Wilanow garden of Jan III Sobieski

The palace-garden complex in Wilanów at the time of Jan III Sobieski, formed in 1677-1694 according to the French entre …

57_wil.1683-martwa natura mignon cytryna.jpg

The king's garden

A film about the king-gardener and his lemon-trees in Wilanów.

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