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The Wilanów Palace Museum has launched a programme to popularise research findings through short articles provided in its knowledge resource available on Access to this knowledge is facilitated by our search engine and a dictionary of tags. Our efforts under the “Open Museum” project it has been possible to acquire new articles for this open Old-Polish culture and history database and have a large portion of popular-science content translated into English and made accessible.

A considerable expansion of content has necessitated a new arrangement of resources, which in principle must be easily accessible. EU support has also enabled upgrading the online encyclopaedia, in particular by creating a new functional structure and visual form of “The Passage to Knowledge” associated with the museum’s vortal. Developing new narrations was an important task which involved topic-based tours for audio guides, their translation into foreign languages and making them available to the public on mobile devices. Producing and promoting two documentary films on the history of the Palace and its residence, and organising a conference, are further elements in the project aimed at the extensive popularisation of the museum’s collections as a source of knowledge on Old-Polish history and culture.

Open Museum – Virtual Museum – part of the “The revitalisation and digitalisation of Wilanów, the only Baroque royal residence in Poland” project. The Project had secured support from the European Regional Development Fund under the Infrastructure and Environment 2007-2013 Operational Programme, Priority XI “Culture and Cultural Heritage”, Activity 11.1. Protecting and maintaining cultural heritage of over-regional importance. In accordance with the adopted Project Implementation Scheme, the investment was completed by 30 September 2015. The total value of the Project: PLN 18 854 348,06. The amount of additional financing: PLN 14 912 881,37 (European Regional Development Fund: PLN 12 675 949,15, and State Budget: PLN 2 236 932,22). For more information on the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme please visit For more information about the project please click on this link.

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Project “Revitalisation and digitalisation of Wilanów, the only Baroque royal residence in Poland”

In October 2014, the Museum of King Jan III's Palace in Wilanów launched another project financed by the European Union, …


The movie “The revitalisation and digitalisation of Wilanów, the only Baroque royal residence in Poland”

“The revitalisation and digitalisation of Wilanów, the only Baroque royal residence in Poland” was probably the most difficult of all …


Marysieńka. Mysteries of the Wilanów Palace

Let us tell you a story about someone truly fantastic. About a girl who despite all the onslaughts of fate …

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The day of death of Jan III Sobieski

June 17th, 1696. The day began like any other day in Wilanów. King Jan III Sobieski went on a morning …

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