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   |   05.06.2020

The Power of Taste. Europe at the Royal Table

The Power of Taste. Europe at the Royal Table, Warszawa 2020, ISBN 978-83-66104-33-4

In the autumn of 2018, food historians, food studies scholars, museum curators, chefs and culinary journalists met at an international conference in Wilanów, the residence of the king of Poland, Jan III Sobieski, to discuss some of the questions concerning food and power and more specifically royal cuisines. The present book is the outcome of the discussions and debates that took place during the conference. It is a collection of essays penned by prominent specialists in the field of culinary history. The texts span over a millennium and deal with various aspects of food served in the royal courts of Europe and Turkey. The central theme of this collection is the power of taste and food as a manifestation of strength and prestige.

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