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   |   19.10.2021

The Royal Garden of Light – installations

Music Tunnel

After dark, visitors to the historic gardens of the Wilanów Palace enter a space where they can feel as if they are in a royal court. They are led to the exhibition by a 75-metre-long luminous-music tunnel, where classical music resounds.

Pieces of music, which can be heard in the music-luminous tunnel:

  • Franz Schubert, Symphony No. 8 in B minor
  • Joseph Haydn, Trumpet Concerto in E-flat major
  • Alessandro Marcello, concerto in D-minor for oboe and strings

Royal Life

In the main courtyard of the Wilanów Palace, we will see luminous compositions alluding to the life of Jan III - the story of his love for Maria Kazimiera, wars and diplomatic activities. These are also excellent settings for taking commemorative photos against the background of the fabulously illuminated royal residence.

North Garden

An illuminated pergola adorned with leaves of vines, lemons, laurel and gooseberries leads up to the North Garden. At the entrance to this part of the park, there are installations that will allow you to pose wearing stylised on the 17th-century luminous robes. And behind the pergola, the real fun begins with otters emerging from the darkness! Not only children will be delighted when they manage to high-five the royal pet!

South Garden by the Orangery

A labyrinth like this is worth getting lost in! This part of the Royal Garden of Light was inspired by mythological stories. Among the ruins, you will come across deities and mythical creatures. The chosen ones as Zeus will try to light up the sky with lightning, like Heracles they will defeat the hydra or as Poseidon they will stir up the luminous sea.

Upper Terrace

In this part of the baroque garden next to the palace, we recall the friendship of two eminent personalities - King Jan III and the astronomer John Hevelius. In the Observatory you will find numerous astronomical devices and a unique clock, which will allow you to look up at the stars and look at the passing time in a different way.

Music Garden of Dreams

The Music Garden of Dreams is located on the lower terrace of the baroque garden. The luminous and music shows, that take place there, can be admired from a height of the upper terrace, which creates an amazing effect! The light faithfully reproduces and fills with changing colours the geometrical shapes of the garden, all to the rhythm of classical music.

Pieces of music that can be heard in the Music Garden of Dreams:

  • Piotr Czajkowski, music from the ballet ‘Swan Lake’ (a part)
  • Antonio Vivaldi, aria from an opera Giustino ‘Vedro con mio diletto’, by Nicola Benedetti
  • Jan Sebastian Bach, Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 G-major

Raffaello Rose Garden

Once again, the Rose Garden will blossom in winter. This time it will be filled with flowers of astonishing size that will transport us into a magical world, allowing us to see reality from the perspective of its smallest inhabitants. Thanks to the photorama, it will also be the perfect place to take a commemorative photograph before leaving the Royal Garden of Light.

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