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Research Themes

Below you find the research themes to be discussed by the participants of the 17th International Congress of Turkish Art in Warsaw.


1. Architecture and Architectural Decoration
2. Painting
3. Ceramics, Glass and Tiles
4. Rugs and Textiles
5. Metalwork and Woodwork
6. Epigraphy and Numismatics
7. Arts of Book
8. Art of Tombs and Tombstones
9. Art at War (Arms and Armour, other Militaria)
10. Archaeology
11. Art in Science and Society (Foundations, Collections and Collectors, Historiography, Museology, Conservation, Protection of Cultural Heritage)



The languages of the 17th International Congress of Turkish Art will be English (however we will endeavor to provide a simultaneous Turkish/English or Polish/English translation system for special cases in selected sessions).

The presentations should not exceed 20 minutes.

We kindly ask the applicants to send their abstracts in English (600–800 words) related to one of the above specified topics until the 1st of March, 2022 to: The applications will be forwarded to the International and National Committees for evaluation. The abstracts should be submitted in PDF format in two copies, one with the name of the applicant, the other without the name (for blind review).

The anonymous abstracts will be evaluated (blind review) by both the International and National committee members. The applicants submitting abstracts will be informed of the evaluation results in November, 2022.

The abstracts should include the following elements: a. Title b. The content and aim of the paper c. A brief overview of relevant literature d. The main argument of the paper e. Indication of one of the Congress topics listed above to which the paper should be classified f. Four keywords.

The participants will be charged a registration fee of 150 € (80 € for students) payable once their paper has been accepted, before February 28th 2023 (200 € after this date). It does not include the costs of tours to Kraków and Tatar villages. Details of the payment, as well as the costs of tours to Kraków and Tatar villages, will be specified in the 2nd Circular. Travel and accommodation costs will be paid by the participants. A list of recommended hotels and other accommodation venues, to be contacted directly by the participants, will be enclosed to the 2nd Circular.


Logotype Museum of King Jan III's Palace at Wilanów and University of Warsaw

Sułtan Ibrahim han w otoczeniu dostojników, Costumes turcs., ca 1600-1699 Biblioteka Narodowa w Warszawie.jpg


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Locations and Contacts

Locations and Contacts for the 17th International Congress of Turkish Art.Contact: icta17@17icta.comWe are looking forward to welcoming you to the …

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Turks in Stanisław Orzechowski’s Works

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The Paradoxes of the Nobility’s Orientalism

The influence of the Orient in the Old Polish era on various elements of contemporary material culture is very obvious. …

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