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We invite you to weekend walks that focus on the history and design of the palace interiors. For the price of the ticket to the palace, you can listen to educators talking about the stages of building of the residence, the architects, painters, sculptors involved, and its famous owner - King Jan III. Together, we will decipher the symbolism hidden in paintings and sculptures, as well as the functions of rooms and objects that can be found on the sightseeing route.

Time: walks beginning at 12.00 every Saturday.

Reservation: not applicable, but the group can number up to 25 people.

Meeting point: cloakroom in the palace.

Price: ticket to the palace.

Note: meeting only for individual guests.


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Educational team

Paulina Szulist-Płuciniczak***Representative for Museum 22 5442 787(+48) 509 300 242Małgorzata Ziemińska***History-education programmes for organised groups and 22 5442 …


What you can see in the palace

When Jan Sobieski accepted the royal title in 1676 and took the throne as Jan III, the Royal Castle, austere …

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Cabinets of Antiquities at the Wilanów Palace: presentation of the Egyptian collection and Greek vases from the historical Potocki family collection

The Museum of King Jan III's Palace at Wilanów has undertaken efforts to merge the historical collection of Egyptian and …

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