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King's Winter Garden

The King’s Winter Garden is a completely new light exhibition, situated in the foreground of the Wilanów Palace, in the northern garden and on the upper terrace. When you visit it after dusk, you enter the space where you can feel as at the royal court.

It is an elegant, sophisticated exhibition, directly referring to the palace’s architecture and history. Every element and detail of the exhibition refers to the iconographic sources, Jan III Sobieski’s coat of arms and the Palace symbolism. The entrance to the garden is guarded by eagles adorning a brightly lit pergola. In the northern garden you can walk along an avenue with creeping plants and to see a 17th-century gazebo. Then you can go up to the candelabra lit upper terrace with light coats of arms of Jan III Sobieski and intricate pavilions. In the central part of the garden you can see orange trees – blooming with light, similar to those which once grew in the royal orangery. A light frame has been prepared for the guests who can make photos with the palace in the background.

Open daily, 4.00–9.00 pm (until 25 February 2018)

Prices of tickets to the King’s Winter Garden:

Monday – Friday:
   regular ticket: PLN 10, concession ticket: PLN 5, children up to 7 years of age: 0
Saturday – Sunday:
   regular ticket: PLN 20, concession ticket: 10, children up to 7 years of age: 0

For information about ticket prices click here.

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