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Ladies and Gentlemen! Dear Visitors!

You are cordially welcome to the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów, where you will get acquainted with history, customs, culture, art and the beautiful historic gardens. We are striving to universally develop our culture- and education-related offer and to organized events capable of meeting the expectations of all our visitors, including the disabled. Instalment of new facilities must take into account the unique character of the place and its historic dimension, we are therefore continuously working on solutions, which will satisfy the needs of our visitors on the one hand and the requirements faced by places of cultural and natural heritage on the other. The information on the instalment of new facilities will be systematically updated.

Accessibility to visitors with physical disabilities:
•    Car parking area is located ca. 300 m away from the palace.
•    The most convenient access route to the palace from the WILANÓW bus terminal:
After getting off the bus, cross the Powsińska street (the best way is to use the zebra crossing equipped with traffic lights, located next to the nearby McDonald’s restaurant). Having crossed the Powsińska street, go towards the fence, turn right and go straight along the pavement (for pedestrian traffic only). On your way you will pass a café and a church (2 landmarks) and finally  arrive at the museum ticket office. The path going left from the office leads to the palace.
•    Visitors using wheelchairs are kindly requested to press a button (installed on the ticket office wall) to be attended by the office staff.
•    The access to the palace for visitors on wheelchairs is located in the left wing of the main building (from the side of the Green Hallway). The entrance ticket inspector will inform you of the exact location of the Green Hallway.
•    The ground floor of the palace and the park are accessible to visitors on wheelchairs. The museum is equipped with stair rails facilitating the access to, and the touring of, the ground floor of the palace. Due to the historic character of the place some of its minor thresholds have not been removed. Consequently, visitors on wheelchairs are kindly requested to tour the palace with an accompanying person.
•    The first floor of the palace and the Banqueting Hall are inaccessible to visitors on wheelchairs.
•    Each of the palace rooms is equipped with chairs available to physically-disabled visitors.
•    The palace and the park can be entered by physically-disabled visitors assisted by guide dogs.
•    WC for visitors on wheelchairs is located in the rose garden. 
•    Events hosted in the Banqueting Hall (including theatre performances) are unavailable to visitors on wheelchairs. In case of a group booking for an event held in the Banqueting Hall, you are kindly requested to contact the Wilanów Palace staff if the group includes visitors on wheelchairs.
Accessibility to visitors with hearing impairments:
•    With hearing-impaired visitors in mind, the museum offers a large number of events translated into Polish Sign Language and Signed Polish (including walks through the palace, guided nature tours and pantomime workshops).
•    The museum organizes courses in Sign Language for groups of school pupils with partial or total hearing loss. Course leaders make use of printouts with tasks adjusted to specific needs of the pupils and teaching aids including tags with more difficult terms. Full offer of courses dedicated to school groups.
Accessibility to visitors with visual impairments:
•    Both the palace and the garden are accessible to visitors assisted by guide dogs.
•    Located in the museum hall (next to the cloakroom) there is a scale model of the palace building designed for visually-impaired visitors. Created for tactile perception, the model functions as an introduction to the museum touring.
•    With visually-impaired visitors in mind, the museum organizes various events using live audio-description technique and miscellaneous tactile teaching materials. Aids designed to stimulate the sense of smell and hearing are also used in the events.
•    The museum website contains audio-description of selected objects.
•    The museum provides audio-guides helpful to the blind and the partially-sighted visitors.
•    We organize museum get-togethers for groups of visually-impaired pupils, with museum employees using various teaching materials designed for tactile perception and narrating stories in live audio-description technique. Full offer of courses dedicated to school groups.
Accessibility to visitors with intellectual impairments:
•    The museum offers educational activities adjusted to intellectual abilities of individual visitors. The offer is continuously enriched.

Accessibility to visitors with prams and pushchairs:
•    Visitors with children in prams and pushchairs are kindly requested to leave the prams and pushchairs in the specially provided space. Due to the historic character of the place and a small size of most of the palace rooms, the palace is currently inaccessible to visitors with prams and pushchairs.

Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów organizes regular trainings for its employees and co-operators designed to improve the skills necessary to assist visitors with special needs.

A group leader booking a museum get-together or another education- or culture-related event is kindly requested to contact the Education Department to obtain additional information on the current offer of activities designed to meet the needs of specific groups.

You are also invited to give feedback and to make suggestions pertaining to the accessibility of the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów.

Contact person:
Marta Walewska, e-mail: mwalewska[at], phone: +48 22 544 27 59, SMS: + 48 785 905 735

How to get here

The Museum of King Jan III’s Palace is located on the territory of Wilanów, approx. 10 km from the centre …

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